‘Fairies Wear Boots’ for Black Sabbath Tour 2013-14

WARNING: VIDEOS CONTAIN GRAPHIC MATERIAL some may find disturbing – (blood, violence, nudity)

Commissioned to create a costume and character for the song “Fairies Wear Boots”. Video and photography footage was used in on-stage projections for Black Sabbath’s international tour 2013-2014.

Photo credits: Aaron Paul Rogers

Director of photography: Aaron Paul Rogers

Dancer and model: Aliya Choudhery


Video clips (in order of appearance) are from Summer Tour shows in Porto Alegro, Brazil (2013), Woodland, TX, USA (2013), and Sydney, Australia (2014).


(Product photos)

In 2014, THUBAN Collection was launched through ‘Garb by Kalypso’ of limited edition eyewear, half face respirators and leather accessories – using a similar aesthetic.