Taxidermia Series, 2015

TAXIDERMIA is a contemporary mixed media series of moth models created as an homage to a very trying and transformative period in the artist’s life. These moths were fashioned from actual hijabs (Muslim headscarves) that are shown worn in the attached school ID cards from throughout the artist’s educational career ranging from junior high school to college sophomore.

Moths, a common feminine motif in Eastern folklore, are noted for their ceaseless determination, yearning, and willingness to go to any length to be one with the Light.

Across the wings of the three moth specimens are inscribed in Arabic with the verses from the Quran (33:59) which many hold as the definitive prescription of the headscarf for all Muslim women. Each moth was created and displayed in a surrealistic manner, using a variety of mixed mediums including old hijabs, ink, acrylic and oil paint, and hand engravings, marking the species and genus of these special moths conceived completely in the imaginary world of the artist.